The New iMac

So, they released the new flat-screen iMac today, like I thought they would. I love it. It’s much better than I imagined it would be, design-wise, and powerful to boot. They didn’t reveal the G5, but it has to be right around the corner, and I don’t think I could afford it anyway. BUT, I have been without a proper desktop PC for quite some time, and I think I can afford the iMac. And I think it will suit me pretty well.

I watched most of Steve Jobs’ keynote speach, though with the on-again off-again connection here at work and no sound, it was patchy at best. iPhoto really makes me want to get a digital camera, now more then ever. Of course between new hardware and new software (I want to get Office v.X for Mac ($459 retail – $150 rebate if I buy it with a new Mac = $309), for instance), I couldn’t afford a digital camera for quite a while anyway. Or maybe I can. I never know. Heck, for all you know the world is going to end 5/5/02, so why should I worry about …

The Apple Instant Loan I just applied for to buy the new iMac. Ooh! Checking the other window I see I have been approved! Which means I can now get the new Top-Of-The-Line iMac with Office delivered to me at the end of the month, with 6 months same as cash. Oops.. I just accepted the loan, processed it online, and placed my order. I will be receiving my new iMac 2 days after they roll off the assembly line at the end of the month. It will all work out fine. I have been in the habit of doubling my computing power when I choose my new computer, and this one is the next-gen chip at twice the Mhz, for less money than I paid for my laptop 2 years ago.

Wow. I bought my last computer 2 years ago. I guess it really was time to upgrade.

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