Inside the weather

So, after eating a hearty lunch, I felt quite a bit better than I had all morning. I’m sure it was also owing to having a relatively calm and restful morning. No problem customers upsetting me. No stress from management. Not even too many calls in queue all morning. Pretty nice, considering.

I still have a mild bodyache, and I still plan on just crashing when I get home, but I think i’ll be able to wake up for dinner later. Maybe.

Also, I guess it’s been raining all day, too. So, if it’s raining now I get to ride home in the rain. If it isn’t raining now, I’ll still get wet and dirty and have to dodge crazy drivers because the roads will still be wet. Either way, I’ll be home soon and in bed, and that’ll be nice. Probably the nicest thing to happen to me all day.

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