My little get together/My new iMac

Real quick: So far I have 10-11 people who have told me they are planning on coming to my get together. I’m going to be calling all of them this week to remind them of its pending fun-ness. If you haven’t already talked to me about it and are insterested in joining us, just email me at or call me, if you already know my number. I’ve already given out my address to someone who didn’t have it before, so don’t worry about that.

Also, since my post on the iMac was just as old, an update: It has not yet shipped. I called Apple yesterday and they said that it may not ship for another week or more, even though I ordered it on the first day. I suppose 150,000 orders in three weeks was more than they were expecting. Anyway, it won’t make it to the party unless they ship it out before midnight tonight, so most of you will have to wait until the next get-together to see it. And I’ll have to wait another week. 🙁

Oh well. Going home now. Really.

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