I have horns

You give off bad vibes, and like to have control in any given situation. If you aren’t satisfied with something then you don’t think anyone else should be either. You’d go pretty far to get what you want, even if it means wiping out human existance! On an upside…you do have sexy horns.

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Author, artist, romantic, insomniac, exorcist, creative visionary, lover, and all-around-crazy-person.

15 thoughts on “I have horns”

  1. But… none of the Kevin Smith females have sexy horns. They couldn’t possibly get me right.

  2. Check it out, I did it answering all the questions for you, and this is what you got.

    You know all and see all, but that doesn’t prevent you from having a child-like innocence and a playful sense of humor. You obviously think very highly of yourself, but that’s okay, everyone does. Told ya God was a woman!!

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