So, I’ve been working all week trying to get Modern Evil’s new setup hammered into shape, and I keep coming up with more and more clever ways of doing things that, if I had thought of them befoer I started, would have saved me a lot of time in the longrun. I’ve managed to get just about every peice of content from the original site put into the new database, and now I just have to get the people associated with their content aware of the new interface, finish polishing the front-end changes (all CSS, and only tables where tables belong), and I’m in the middle of so many things, and if I just had internet access at home, I could definitely finish it this weekend and have the site re-launched next week.

But alas, it is time to go home. Monday morning, it will be like coming from a blank slate and I will have to go into dozens and dozens of different places to see where I left off on different parts of the site. And I migth not remember what I was doing at all.


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