Work computer went down

So, on Tuesday afternoon at the end of the work day, I rebooted my computer, same as I do every other day. Instead of booting back up into Win2K, it decided that the file ntoskrnl.exe was no longer on the system, and would I please reinstall windows? So, I tried repairing and tried using Emergency Recovery Disks, and I ended up having to re-install Win2K anyway. Then I spent most of yesterday reinstalling applications and trying to restore my settings. Hooray!

The one thing I thought I wouldn’t lose is my MSN Explorer favorites. Because they’re (theoretically) stored on the MSN servers. The idea is that no matter where I log onto my MSN account, I have the same settings and the same favorites. This is a feature I was overjoyed to finally see in a major software release. Then, for some reason it stopped working. At first I simply couldn’t organize my favorites in MSN Explorer; that’s been going on for a few weeks. Today, when I logged in, it has ZERO favorites. Not even an old version of my favorites, or a partial list of my favorites. Just … none.

Which is fine, I suppose. Except that I had been using favorites as reminders of pages that I wanted to go to. Sure, I have many that are just convenient links to sites I frequently visited, and I’ll have to try to remember what those were, and how to get to them. It’s the links to interesting articles I hadn’t finished reading (or hadn’t started reading) and websites I wanted to explore that I’m going to miss.

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