Dusk all day

Some days, like today, they don’t turn all the too, too bright lights on at work. For instance, today in Building B where I work, of 20 giant, evil lights, only three are lit. These three alone provide more light than the average dusk/dawn/twilight outdoors, but cast the same long shadows at my end of the building. I know it is bright outside; I just walked across the street for lunch. Prior to that though, I came in from pre-dawn darkness and it had felt very much like a late-night session here so far today. Luckily, everyone around me agrees that this is a preferable lighting situation to the standard headache-inducing, glare-producing lighting we normally have. Turns out our IT guy is out sick today. He’s the one that thinks he needs so much light most of the time, and since we always bend to the will of those who seem normal (ie: wanting to work in well-lit conditions is normal), we always have too much light.

I’m babbling. The point is, I’m basking in dim light and long shadows and I love it.

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