The future information-space

So, I posted a long post about how I wanted computers to integrate with my life, how I wanted to be able to access information with a context. I want it to be with me at all times, with a HUD or corneal implant. Building a car whose interior surfaces are displays to display this information space seems like a good, less invasive way to get people used to the idea of a persistant information-rich environment. The Nissan Ideo, a concept car at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, incorporates this idea of immersing people in contextual information space. Presumably, it would get its information via the new/upcoming 3G Cellular network, which can send/receive data wirelessly faster than most people’s “broadband” internet connection from their Cable/DSL provider. (I am looking forward to the 3G network in the US quite a bit.) I doubt this particular car will ever be built, but something like it will surely be available within a few years from someone. Then maybe my vision for wearable information-space immersion will be creatable within a decade or two. Hooray!

As it turns out, the reason I became initially interested in the Tokyo Motor Show at all was the Toyota Pod, a car that learns about how you drive and displays an outward expression of your mood. It has LED lights on the front that change color & shape to express lonliness, happiness, anger, etc., and a tail/antannae at the back that wags like a tail. The interior is deisgned to be welcoming, and to promote socializing while the car is at rest. I would love to drive something like this, if it were ever made available.

On a side note, VW is going to be putting a “supercar” into production. Called the Volkswagon W12, it will be the fastest car on the market, and has already started settign records. What are they thinking? I don’t want a fancy sportscar that can go 217mph, I want the new Microbus. Silly Volkswagon.

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