Mostly about that greasy Enterprise

I am beginning to get used to this strange new schedule. Waking up seems to be just about as easy as it has ever been, and the last couple of days I haven’t even started to get tired until there are only five or six hours remaining before I need to get up again. Which was fine with me last night, since it allowed me to watch the two-hour season premier of Enterprise immediately after I finished taping it. If you saw it, how about that “get stripped down and grease up” scene? Out of nowhere, without even stopping the tense dialog, the attractive female science officer and the attractive male (…pilot?) get stripped down to their underthings, climb into the mood lighting chamber and rubbed what appeared to be some sort of greasy, clear lubriicant all over their own and each other’s bodies. Thankfully for the ESRBs, these two people (who from their dialog can’t stand each other) managed to grease up their own privates under their clothes (for the most part). Man o man. Then the show went on as though that were a totally normal part of everyone’s day. When they had the “aliens” that amounted basically to two erotic dancers wearing only a layer of brightly colored paint, I could at least understand how that might have something to do with something reasonable in any culture, alien or not. Well, I guess we’ll see. There’s definitely an OST feel to Enterprise so far. The captain went on a dangerous away mission and managed to trap himself with no clear means of escaping the alien space station, then got in a fist fight with an alien to save the day.

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