I want to be a Special

I had dismissed it in the past, but taking a closer look at City of Heroes now, I can see how it might be a lot of fun for me to play. Not in the traditional sense, of course, because just being the best superhero and fighting the most powerful supervillians seems like it would get pretty boring after a while. Instead, I would like to get some friends in on it and build a team of superheros modeled after The Specials.

If you have never seen The Specials, you should try to. It is a very entertaining movie. If you have trouble finding a copy of it, harrass Iain about it, and maybe he’ll lend you his copy. The Specials are the sixth or seventh best team of superheroes on the planet. That is what I would like to build.

Trouble is, they don’t seem to have the “bird powers” I’m looking for.

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