The world is so full of such a number of things

As I surf the web, I like to click on banner ads. There are so many interesting banner ads out there, I just can’t resist some of them. Just now, I clicked on a banner ad that offered to tell me what my name means (As usual, “Teel” translates roughly to “We’re sorry! The name you are looking for is not on our list.”), and then I clicked on the banner ad on that page. This second banner said “Kellogs Rice Krispies Don’t Be Square” and to the right of that had an image of what is clearly a half-eaten piece of pizza. Actually, it looked just like this:

and it led me to an interesting recipe that did in fact involve rice krispies treats made to look like a pizza. There are quite a few other interesting things they suggest you do with rice krispies treats that you might also be interested in. I know I’m thinking more and more of just going with “fat and happy” these days…

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