this is my life (for some reason)

kitten showed up out of nowhere yesterday, as though to distract me or soften me in light of the otherwise ongoing (yesterday) breakup/sorting-out Mandy and I were going through. Alas, I am still alergic to kittens, no matter how cute and/or abandoned they may happen to be. Everyone keeps telling me the problem with the kitten is that it’s “feral” but I’m pretty sure the problem is that it’s “feline” — and I like to breathe and to see. I played with it some tonight, and my left eye is pretty sure it wants to quit. Or at least strike until animals are banned from its workplace (my eye socket).

Anyone want a cat?

What else? Uhh… Well, I’m typing this on my iPhone again. It’s significantly more convenient to carry the phone I was going to bring with my anyway to bed with me, and then to use it to go through emails and websites and even perhaps make a post such as this. Heck, the “iPod” software is playing me music through the speaker; what’s missing?

((Actually, the browser has some weaknesses. Esp. re: multitasking. If I were to switch to my email (maybe even just iPod), it is likely to simply lose what I’ve types here.))

I miss Sara.

I’ve been waking earlier the last few days. It’s starting to catch up with me -which is good, on account of I start a new, slightly earlier shift at work in a week and a half. I’ve got to get used to getting up earlier. Perhaps I’ll get back to a point of being a morning person instead of a running-out-the-door person. My oft-tested preference is to be able to wake comfortably about three full hours prior to having to be wherever I’m due. School, work, whatever, it’s someone else’s idea that I be there at a particular time, and if given three hours to prepare for it, any day can be a good day.

Mandy and I will no longer be continuing to “try” having a relationship. I just don’t seem to feel anything for her (that I am aware of at this time), and happiness is the only feeling I’m really sure about being able to sythesize. That and, apparently, it’s inappropriate to use someone for sex who loves you and wants a real, lasting, and meaningful relationship. Fine. My hand still works.

I still miss Sara.

Ooh, I got the editing, layout, and cover design done for Worth 1k — Volume 2. I got the PCN code for it Monday morning at 6:30 and uploaded the book to my printer by 8:45AM. Hopefully everything will come out wonderfully on the proof and hopefully I’ll be able to get a big order of books printed and delivered before First Friday – Heath and I are planning on setting up a table out there to sell chainmaille, book, and art. You should come. Or just buy the stuff online.

Alright, I’ve got to sleep. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but at least I took the time to post, eh?

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