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I’m starting to get my toes wet a bit with some minor book-related networking/marketing. I’ve re-upped my NaNoWriMo account and I think I’m going to actually attend some write-ins this year. I’ve got cover images finally updated at Amazon for all my books there instead of half; there was some sort of confusion between my printer and Amazon, but it’s worked out (for now). I got linked to Goodreads a couple weeks ago, and I just got my account linked into my existence as an author, so I’ve got a proper Author profile page there now. I’ve had a profile on BookTour for a while, but since I’m not on a book tour … yet … that’s no big thing. I’ve been joining (artist and) author groups on facebook.

And presuming I don’t absolutely hate the proof of Worth 1k — Volume 2 that UPS should be delivering any time now, I’m going to order a couple dozen of each of my books and start schlepping them around town to try to get in any independent bookstores that will take them. Oh, and if I can get that order delivered in time (perhaps not likely, at this point, without great shipping expense), I’ll be selling them at the Art Walk. Otherwise, it’s just the ones I already have on hand (mostly UTFBF Books 1 and 2), which might be okay, too.

I’ve got to get myself Marketing more, though. It isn’t writing books or printing books that sells books, it’s Marketing. F_ck. I’m not a fan of Marketing, but it simply has to be done. Sources keep suggesting that I “write a popular blog” as part of my online marketing campaign… but I’ve just gone through and turned all commenting off again, on account of I only ever get SPAM comments (and am not a fan of comments and commenting, anyway)… Which is not particularly conducive to having a popular blog, I suppose; people like to be part of a “community” and blogs are “supposed to be” a discussion or forum or sorts. Bah. Maybe after I convert my blog to a Wiki.

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