Publishing Worth

Okay, first book “ready” and uploaded to Lightning Source… They’ll either accept the files and print a proof and ship it to me in the next few days, or they’ll let me know I screwed up the files somehow. It happens. Then, if there’s problems, I try to fix them. And if there’s problems with the proof, I try and figure out what I need to do to fix the digital files, and I pay the revision fees and I pay for another proof… and hope THAT one is right. And if they accept the files and if the proof looks good, then hooray, Worth 1k — Volume 1 will be a “real” book. It’s already got an ISBN, a LCCN, all that mess.

Which means that it already IS a real book, as far as official channels are concerned. So, that’s good.

I need to re-do, it’s all still the old data, the old books… no one orders through it (it’s had one order, ever, and that was a sale I made in person, too), I know intellectually I can take the site down while I work on getting “proper” versions of my books available, but it feels bad to have an “Under Construction” site… generally.

Oh, well. Do it anyway. And get my other books online. Still don’t have a cover for LaNF that I’m happy with. I should work on UTFBF1-3 this weekend. Get the cover done up properly, get the insides fixed up, the the ISBN registered, request a LCCN.

That’s a bit troublesome, on account of the eleven titles. Officially, books can have a title and a subtitle, and that’s that. I’ll work something out.

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