Danny Boyle for the win!

I just watched Sunshine. Yes, it was “pirated” – on account of it doesn’t premier in the US for another 5 months. Yes, it was a “CAM” which means someone set in a theatre with a camera, so the sound is echo-y, not to mention the amplified coughs and popcorn rustling from the guy sitting next to the camera. Yes, the picture quality wasn’t great, which is probably too bad on account of all the special effects required by the story.

Yes, it made me cry.

Excellent, excellent movie. For a while, the bad picture and sound and distortions and distractions were almost too much, but at some point during the movie, the story and the characters were so much more compelling than the delivery method was bad that I was on the edge of my seat. I noticed at some point that I had actually begun to care about some of the characters (even though I couldn’t always make out their faces, or what they were doing). I know CAMs are horrible, horrible experiences, and as a general rule I don’t bother to download them. But I was too excited about seeing this film to resist.

You should go see it. Pay for this movie.

If you live in the UK, where it is in theatres, go see it now. If you live in the US, see it in September. I cannot wait to see this one on the big screen, I cannot wait to be immersed at full quality in an experience that was able to grip me so powerfully through such a terrible delivery.

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