So, *poof* there went the money from the tax returns, I just applied online for my ISBNs. I also ordered my new business cards (two-sided, Modern Evil Press on one side, wretched creature on the other) this weekend. I also bought $40 in hardware for my paintings, which I already mentioned at least part of. And I’m buying supplies for other arms of my marketing efforts as I go. Money, money, out the door.

So, after I get my ISBN prefix assigned, I can start assigning ISBNs to my books, and after I do that I can register them with the Library of Congress, and after I do that I can apply with Lightning Source (a subsidiary of Ingram, which combines print-on-demand with international distribution so small presses and out-of-print and small market books can be available as though there were thousands of copies sitting around warehouses, which I hope to do business with), and after I do that I can order the fancy new “real” versions of my books and send them to the Library of Congress and for Copyright registration, and can also form a business relationship with Amazon.com. See the forward momentum which was held up because I kept irrationally putting off spending the nearly $1k to buy the ISBNs?

So, wanna buy a book? I’m going to do my best to compel you to buy one or more of my books soon. I have 34 books (from seven of my eight available books) on hand right now that I need to sell (to fund some of the rest of that forward momentum I just mentioned), and sell relatively fast. More on that later. For now:

Yay, I’m a little over two weeks from being “officially” a publisher!

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