Hooray, the internet! (2006 taxes)

Hooray, the internet! I received an email this morning advising me my W2 was ready, went to a secure website and printed the form out (they’ll mail me the federally mandated paper copy in a couple of weeks, of course), and brought it home from work tonight. Then I searched through the various “free” and not-so-free and this-part-free-that-part-fee and so on tax sites until I found one linked to by both IRS and AZDOR (and thus trusted) with free e-filing for both federal and state (alright, they lied, too, and I paid the $10 ‘preparation’ fee for my state form when they revealed it at the end), went through the convenient automated process, and electronically filed my tax returns in about 45 minutes from start to finish. I’ve e-filed for as long as they’ve had the option available, and expect a “tax forms accepted” email within the next 24 hours (they always say “at least 24 hours” but I’ve only had it take more than a day once so far), and my combined $1375 in refunds directly deposited (hooray, electrons!) into my checking account a few days after that. (And yes, I have my withholding set at maximum – I’d rather get money back than have to try to come up with it out of nonexistent savings at the end of each year.)

That’s $1375 towards making Modern Evil Press a legitimate publishing company this year. With ISBNs and Library of Congress code blocks and at least one title available on Amazon. Not to mention every independent book store I can talk into carrying it. Yay!

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