Taxes… Filed!

So, my sister called me at 5PM to let me know she’d been handed her W-2 form (I didn’t work today) on her way out of the office, so I went online and grabbed a copy and printed it out and went online and found a place to file Federal for free and I’m sure I could have found a different place to file State for free, but I paid the $10 so I wouldn’t have to go through the ‘interview’ a second time, and yadda yadda yadda, and I’m e-filed! And if/when my returns are accepted, both State and Federal will – like last year – electronically deposit my refunds! Yay for the internets! I printed out hard copies of everything to file, and that’s that, I just wait for the email confirmations and then the money.

How much money? Well, enough that the road trip I’m planning to take in February is much more comfortable, and enough that I can afford to buy the list of art supplies I’ve been putting off buying because the total is now closer to $150 or $200 than $10 or $20… Let’s see… Adjusted gross income for 2005: $21,404, blah blah blah, Federal refund: $814, State refund: $447. So I guess my withholding is set too high, but I think I’ll leave it where it is for now. And put most of that money towards paying down my highest interest debt.

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