New, black T-Shirts

I’ve just made two new T-Shirt designs up in my CafePress store, using their recently-released black shirts. I mostly just design these products because the ideas come into my head. Buy them if you like them, ignore them if you don’t.

One design is a little hard to see and read, but that is the point; it’s black text printed on a black shirt. With time, as the fabric inevitably greys out and the ink remains black, the humor will only become more and more apparent; this is a shirt that becomes better with age, like a fine wine. “my other shirt is BLACK

The second shirt, designed in the last few moments, is just internet humor. More than that, it’s only a first attempt. If you can think of a funnier was to put this concept on a T-Shirt, let me know. I can put it on a shirt, you can put it on a shirt, whatever, I’m not a capitalist, I’d just like to see the idea on people’s clothes. “Ask me about my weekend!

That’s all for now. Enjoy!

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