**addendum to previous post

I forgot something I wanted to put in that last post, a bright point.

In my time off, I actually had a use for the Taguchi Method of experimental design! It wasn’t, perhaps, the most complex thing I could have used the method to solve for, and the end result was that I proved that my intuition was correct and about half the people posting about this thing on the camerahacking forums are idiots… but it worked. See, I wanted to set the cameras to have the best possible image quality, and there are several different settings with several different options and some people said the best quality was one way and other people said the opposite and a handful had random weird choices they preferred. To test all the combinations of settings individually would have meant shooting not less than 32 videos (and re-setting the camera’s settings after each one) and then judging all 32 videos’ quality individually (preferably twice, in two randomized orders of playback, to remove bias). I used the Taguchi method to design the experiment, I shot 9 videos and my result was surprisingly conclusive. Not to mention that watching all 9 videos twice (with my brother giving additional, independent ratings to mine) took less than a quarter of the time it would have taken to watch a full set of experimental videos. Yay!

That is all. I just … I spent a while a year or two ago putting Taguchi into my brain and have never had anything to do with it, since I’m not an engineer and don’t work with large data sets to solve problems… So I was glad to have something semi-useful to do with it. Even if it did just confirm what I intuitively knew before I ever had the camera in hand.

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