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The following is what’s in the spiral notebook I carry in my pocket all the time, as of right now. Most of it is things I intend to do or research or read or whatever. I will try to go through and cross stuff off as it gets done. Most of these have more notes, on paper or in my head, these are just shorthand for my own personal use. Of note, most of these first occurred to me within the last 24 hours.

Virtual Fiscal Communism (develop theory more fully)
Air1 Christian Radio (what frequency?)
Try to find out why the Spasmotica failed
Try to locate audiobook versions of:
–Mein Kampf
Skin Zinc (behind ears?)
Find Book: Conversion ____________? -Religion is always personal, never private-
Thorough research of:
–day-to-day life of citizens in present-day communist cultures
–what countries would that be?
–how does China reconcile its communism with WTO/international trade?
–complete history of China
How many US troops are there? Total, and per each:
–air force
–coast guard
–national guard
Also look up same for other countries, including:
–China, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Russia, N. Korea, UK, France, Germany, Japan, plus various of: middle east, S./C. America, Africa
Read Melville (@< Moby Dick) Find out WHY universities do so much research.
–What was the original purpose of a “university”?
–What do theysay it is now?
Wiki: Secular
Wiki: Cambodia, Pol Pot
Wiki: Constructionism (constitutional)
Read Book: Assassin’s Gate
Think about podcast (possibly extant): idea: Take Rush Limbaugh’s (among others) entire program & go through and respond to everything he says with actual, verifiable facts & data in a rational way
Zombies: [story idea omitted]
lyric: “breaking up the girl” – What is that from – other than the song by Garbage?
Thought to verify: pre-civil rights, each of the two parties (Democrats and Republicans) had both liberals and conservatives. The civil rights movement, which seemed to be coming from the Democrats (though they may just have happened to be in power – look that up, too), pushed the conservatives out of the Dems & drew the liberals out of the Reps, in a sort of gerrymandering of beliefs and platforms in reaction to Civil Rights. If this is true, is it the cause/root of the current odd belief that Dem==liberal and Rep==conservative, and that that is how it has ‘always’ been — even though the clearest historical examples do not seem to bear this out?
Develop 2 book lists: classics, books I want to read
–consider additional lists
–shaped frying pans
Research: what happened to iSmell intellectual property / Digiscents
–how did they break up
–who owns the tech now
–can I find a core person from Digiscents I can contact now to ask about it?
Wiki: communist Venezuela?
Wiki: monroe doctrine
find recipes for: red beans and rice (also ask Zoe)
Learn All Countries
–&@<1 salient fact about each --plus definitely: basic national economics, politics of each Get federal budget --graph it in a few ways (preferably meaningful) ----(ie: if an expenditure is on a program which could not possibly be applied in >26 states, or even >1 state, it should be separated from truly federal programs)
–look back a few presidencies as well, repeat
Read through the entire US Constitution and all amendments as well as the Declaration of Independence
Learn how the Euro works:
–is it backed by more than faith?
–what are the national use criteria?
–where did the idea originate?
Compare: time from first manned flight (kitty hawk?) to establishment of major commercial passenger flights vs. time from first manned space flight (and/or orbit) to the present day
What happened to Roton? (same lookup as iSmell/Constellation)
Wiki: prisoner’s dilemma
Research: is there a way to reasonably calculate the “actual” value of a country (specifically the US) –as opposed to GNP/GDP which are calculated annually and have something to do with sales/production, rather than the value of the capital/means-of-production– And then, how would a reasonable valuation of the US compare to the current debt or to projected debt for, say, 2008?
–also, how about: what were the original costs of each piece of US territory (money primarily, but also look at lives, et cetera) and what are those values when adjusted for inflation? That is, what is the raw value of the empty property the gov’t owns?
–and how does that compare to actual valuation of all US property at current market prices?
Look up: the 125 biggest unanswered questions of science
–learn enough to now what each question is trying to address
–make up an answer about @<1 of them Learn about: different ways stem cells can be "harvested" --is there a good way to (try to) harvest stem cells from an embryo/newborn/placenta which are a 100% match for that being, & which can be stored for later use? --if so, think about the idea of an exchange of putting one's entire genetic code in the public domain for having had their stem cell line harvested/stored/available at least until age of consent Define: congenital (esp. re: heart defects) Research: how "dirty" does a "dirty bomb" have to be to be classified as such? To be that sort of threat? Could an individual go personally mine enough uranium/whatever to build a totally amateur, untraceable "dirty bomb"? --how about something on the scale of a firework that distributes uranium/radioactive dust? alright. to bed.

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