Art section totally update-alized

I’ve just spent the last several weeks working on the Art section of Modern Evil, making it all nice and pretty and graphical and easy to use. I think I’ve checked everything, but if you wouldn’t mind helping me out and going through everything, I’d appreciate it. Any broken links, bad links, places where the name of a painting doesn’t match from one place to another … anything like that, please let me know. I’m also looking for any feedback on the new layout and interface of the whole thing that you have. Do you like it, do you hate it, are you on dial-up and wish I’d stop putting images on web pages?

All the prices have been updated. Rather than the arbitrary and uneven prices I had before, each price is based on the size of the piece, providing somewhat standardized pricing. If we have previously discussed a specific purchase price for a particular piece, it is still available – the new prices are on a going-forward basis only. Also to keep in mind; all prices are negotiable, just send me an email or give me a call and I’m sure we can work something out.

Another new feature is that framed prints of most of my paintings are now also available at a flat rate of $79.99 through Cafepress. Two of them, ‘best intentions’ and ‘lost’, are available as poster-sized prints for under $40 each.

And now, to work on re-designing the web pages for marketing my books. See you in a few weeks.

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