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“Nought means zero, rhymes with ought, sort, wart, and is in common current use”

Sorry, I was stuck searching around the internet to be sure I was using the word “nowt” correctly – it is not listed in any of the electronic dictionaries I frequent with anything even close to the definition and usage I’d understood (which is to say, nothing. nowt means nothing, and rhymes with out), and I had to find a regional word reference forum to find a group of people, mostly from all over the British Isles, discussing differences in pronunciation and use.

The above quote is one that was used to try to clear up some pronunciation confusion that had been created by earlier posts, and was cleared up further, later, for the Irish, Canadians and Americans aho – for some reason unknown in England – pronounce the r in words like sort and wart.

My brain, being told that it was about to read a list of rhyming words, modified the accent in my mind as it read them to accommodate. What did yours do?

(Back to novelling. Gotta go finish the sentence with the word ‘nowt’ in it.)

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