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By this time tomorrow I should be home from work, in my bedroom, working on my Single-Sitting-Book. I do plan to stop at a grocery store on the way home to be sure I have enough of everything I need, but then it’s home and not out again until the book is done. With any luck, the ‘first draft’ will be complete before breakfast time, Sunday morning. Not in the least because I have to work on Monday.

Looking at the voting results and donation levels, it looks like only a few people have voted, and none have donated. At this point, I don’t actually expect any donations. I donated 25 cents myself, to be sure everything was working right, and two people have said they’d give me $5 in person if they see me, and one good friend even said he’d give me the $30 (him I trust), but in all reality, donations won’t even reach the cost of a dinner for two. But come on! Voting is easy and free, and you can vote as many times as you like! Take a minute or ten, read the descriptions, or don’t read them, and vote, if only to vote against the ones you’d never want to see the light of day!

Tell your friends! Link your neighbors! Make fun of the crazy person for your own enjoyment!

Heck, I’ll tell you what: To generate more of an incentive for you to vote, I’ll put the rough draft online for free for everyone who wants it as soon as it’s done, and leave it up until I have the (edited, et cetera) paperback version available for sale. Vote, vote, vote, then come back here Monday or Tuesday or whatever and read the book for free.

Donate a quarter or more, and I’ll give you free copies of Book One and Book Two of the Untrue Tales From Beyond Fiction. In fact, I’ll go put those PDFs in there right now, so you can get ’em as soon as you donate. How’s that sound?

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