this just in – Amanda update

I think I may have found her. I’ve sent her an email and hopefully I’ll get a reply soon confirming it’s her. You can see the person I’ve found here: (link link link) – the last link requires free registration to see her profile. Looking back through her forum posts, all the details she mentions about her life/family match everything I know about Amanda up to the time I lost contact with her, and the ‘sjtar’ username is the same as the person I emailed (with no response) on, so I’m 95% certain it’s her. If it is, then I know she’s alive and doing really well, she has a beautiful five year old daughter and she’s about to be married to what appears to be a very respectable and deserving man, and they’re all moving to Atlanta, Georgia in about a month, from Clarksville, Tennessee.

And just as soon as she replies and confirms that she is the person I am looking for and not someone eerily similar in many ways, I can stop looking for her forever, knowing she is alright. Eagerly awaiting her response,


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