Fine, fine, I’ll give my money…

Okay, so. No one responded, so either I’m expecting results too fast, or you guys don’t want to help (or don’t care), or none of you have a paid account at Fine. I got paid today, I’ll get my account paid for a year and filled out and stuff this weekend, and then I’ll see if it was worth it when I try to contact that Amanda.

To make it MORE worth it, I’m willing to use my paid account to look up people for all my friends and readers here. Have an old friend you’re looking for or a lost love or someone you’re like to serve a cold plate of revenge to? See if they’re listed on, and when it gets to that point of “you should pay us money” email me instead, and I’ll hook you up.

That way, even if it doesn’t help me get in touch with Amanda, maybe it won’t be a total waste of money.

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