Green Fields of taunting

The front page of Modern Evil used to be count-based, showing n posts, regardless of age. When I moved it over to green fields and flowers, it became quite intentionally date-based. No flower survives more than 14 days before falling off the bottom of the field. The more posts, the more flowers, and when the site looks like it did tonight when I set down it does so because … I haven’t been posting. There are only a sparse few flowers in the field. If I fall much farther behind, there will be no flowers in the field at all. This taunts me to make more posts.

At the same time, I don’t want my posts to be meaningless. A certain amount of purely self-referential posts is reasonable, but they should not me in the majority. A post about posting now and again, but not as a rule.

So this post … I’ll let it be, but I think I’ll go make a different post with an actual subject, if only so there will be two new flowers instead of one.

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