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I think I maybe trying to do too many things at once. I don’t think I’ll let that stop me.

I keep thinking of posting here and then not posting. Or fixing the obvious typo in the first line of my last post and then not doing that, either. Mostly because I’m doing so many other things. Sometimes because I’m not allowed to post about the things I want to post about.

You know I don’t actually stop thinking, right?



My oral hygene hasn’t been so good lately. Longtime readers should know immediately what this means. My brother knew instantly what was going on. It’s just … I have trouble with motivation, sometimes. I can’t smell my own bad breath and … I don’t know.

I had great oral hygene in the last half of December and all throughout January and right through the first week or so of February.

But then it started to fall off.

They say that it takes 21 or 28 days to make a habit, but … man. That extra push, that idea that moved me from simply thinking two or three times a day “I should brush my teeth” to actually doing it … was lost. So I brush my teeth … once in a while. At least 3 times a week, I think. And I floss … when something gets stuck irritatingly between my teeth. Yeah.

I know, I know…

“You don’t have to floss all your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.”

Fine. But I can’t recommend the little “hummingbird” flosser thing. The floss is simply too … thick? to fit easily between my teeth, and the vibrating pressure squeezing my teeth apart/together caused discomfort for up to several days after each use I made of it. I’ve given it up and gone back to slightly more traditional floss.

I keep spending money I don’t have and/or can’t really afford to spend. Buying silly things like groceries and dental care products and … steak dinners and art supplies and … the $90 order from is being paid for out of the Writing budget – that money is fine, and totally justified; I ordered iWork, and I’m hoping that Pages is a better word processor for me than MS Word, plus the voice recorder adapter thing for the iPod will allow me to … errr… work on future projects I do not wish to disclose at this time, but which includes recording ideas as well as … every meaningful or interesting conversation I have. Yeah. Anyway. I’m not like, overdrawn or pulling against credit (hah! credit! that’s maxed already!) but I’m pulling against … well … some of it’s the writing budget, but that’s got to be paid back from future earnings, so maybe it is credit I’m extending myself. This would all be covered if not for that unexpected $117 extra on the phone bill.

Oh, and now I have to figure out and pay all the utilities around here from now on, myself. Fine. Can do. Just have to remember to check the mail once in a while. Oh, and create some sort of organization for it. Heck, and figure out what the bills are and what state dad’s left all the accounts in. And then … just deal. I hope I don’t have to send any checks. I haven’t had a checkbook in like, three or four years now. I don’t write checks. I make electronic transfers. I’ll figure it out. So … I’ll have to see whatmy money situation looks like after I take over the utilities.

Oh, yeah, and groceries. Dad had basically been buying most of the food for the household. But there’s a difference between how one shops to feed 5 people and how one shops to feed only oneself. So … that should become annoyingly more expensive. No problem. I just need to cut back on the steak dinners.

I’ve been doing a strange thing, lately. I still seem to go to the Willow House on Monday and Wednesday nights, the same nights that we used to meet on and that they still meet on, but since I don’t get off work until 9, most of the attendees are gone by the time I get there. Actually, I have an “inside man” who I call when I get off work to see if it’s “safe” for me to show up without violating the terms of “what I said I would do.” And then if ‘”the coast is clear” I head down to the Willow House and hang out until they kick me outat midnight, socializing with whomever is left and working on writing projects.

Speaking of which, from the looks of things, instead of 3 books in three months (ie: by the end of May) I think I’ll have put together 5 books in three months. At least 2 or 3 of which will be available for general purchase by the public. The other two are more … personal, and one of those is co-written by someone who has not yet given the go-ahead for it to be published, while the other is actually a companion piece to the first, nearly irrelevant without the first being available. Like a book and a supplement. But I may release the ‘supplement’ without the book, depending upon how things go. I’m that kind of crazy. Anyway. So. One is basically done already. One just needs some computer work. One is a graphic novel I expect to take up most of my free time in April (if I can write a comic-book-length comic in 4 or 24 hours, why not a much nicer graphic novel in a month, right?), and which is an adaptation of an earlier work of mine. One is Book Three in the Untrue Tales series, and which, since I know most of the story from my alternate memories, should come out very very quickly, probably in early or mid-May. One, which I expect to start writing any moment now, is totally different from anything I’ve written before in several important ways. It addresses complex moral and religious issues from multiple perspectives and … presents a ‘new’ idea based on something in the bible that most people miss combined with an old, basically retired religious practice which is meaningless to anyone who understood the point of the New Testament. So. Yeah.

Plus, if I have time, I want to finish GWB. And maybe get started on putting the archives of this site together into book format, too. If I have extra time between putting out 5 books in three months, plus modifying, updating, and re-releasing my other four books in the same period.

Lofty, eh?

They’re just goals.

I’ll do my best.

And now, to sleep. Tomorrow, ironing, some cleaning, and oh, yeah, work.

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