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Last night / this morning I had a leg cramp in my right calf that was unbelievably painful. More painful than any I can remember having and not easily calmed, like most, or intensified, like many – I tried to rub it, but it was as though my entire calf was a sold piece of burning stone, the muscle completely contracted and pained. I did not have the peace of mind to pay attention to how long it was before it settled down enough that I first escaped the continuing urge to scream out into the night, but this morning I am still stumbling and limping on my still-pained leg.

In a few days perhaps it will return to normal.

I spent over ten hours at Starbucks yesterday, working. Now, a ten hour day was not what I really intended when I headed there, and it is not altogether unusual, since I work ten hour days at my dayjob, but … it was after about eight hours there that I realised that I had not eaten anything since an hour before I had arrived. I was so involved and engaged by the words on the page that I forgot to eat, only occassionally standing to use the men’s room. And then … after so long without eating, I decided to keep working, straight through, slightly over two more hours to get to the end of the project, before I stopped, packed up, and got some food in me. What a day.

I am watching a Netflix’d DVD right now, just finished working on some layout options I’ve had in mind, and will soon either go back to Starbucks and work on another writing project… or stay here and read something … or … I have a list to work from. I’m sure I’ll be fine. After a few hours I expect to be interrupted by a phone call from a good friend who would like to spend some time with me this weekend, and we shall have a good time together later. So … anyway.

I watched Hide and Seek last night after leaving Starbucks; I cannot recommend it. Well, okay, I cannot recommend it to anyone with my intellect. Again, a movie with a twist ending that I figured out every single detail of weeks before watching it. It’s aliens. Everyone dies in the end. Especially Famke. Okay, that’s not true. But it was frustratingly obvious what was going on. And unlike The Village, there was no allegory or intense love story to make it enjoyable or stimulating; the whole of the movie was the psychological situatiuon building up to the reveal, and the full reel of film that unspooled after the reveal was just … tedious.

Angela wants to watch The Wedding Date; that should be reasonably good. And I’m planning to watch The Phantom of the Opera again on Sunday, to refresh it into my mind in light of recent events. I just want to be sure I understand how it goes, how it ends … I think … Christine ends up with the safe, sane one and lives a long life after The Phantom ends up giving her up, letting her go even after she had finally given herself over to him and the creativity, possibility and passion he represented. Is that right? I’ll watch it again.

Well, the DVD is just ending now, and I can say for certain that I’m not certain I really understood everything that went on it it. Perhaps repeat viewings will help. I know someone who adores this movie; I shall have to ask them to walk me through it, sometime.

Ooh, that reminds me. I should probably look up all the Phantom lyrics before I watch it again, so I can understand all those mixed-up, high-tone words that are lost totally on my ears.

Anyway, I’m off, for now.

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