to wake up for

I am asleep.  I am the waking dead.  I am here and not here, eyes open and seeing nothing, and am I dreaming?

There is something in my head.  A pressure.  Like pain’s understudy, rehearsing.  In the front and like an upward force trying to erode away at the inside of my expanding forehead, or perhaps the force that – from the inside – stretches it out into a virtual landscape of flesh above my eyes.

Thus a crossroads appears, and which way to I travel?  Do I ingest anti-inflammatories and dried flowers to try to pre-empt what will almost certainly transmogrify into genuine pain?  Do I guess that it is simply not enough sleep and try to sleep-wake my way through a few hours of work to catch up?  Do I go jump in front of traffic on the nearby freeway and hope for the worst?  Worse than any of these, do I turn to coffee, drink the provided beverage and hope for the best with a different kind of drug?

. . .

Time passes, strangeness moves inside my head, down the inside of my face now, behind my eyes and like a tension in my cheekbones and jawbone, still pressing forward.  Diminishing in insistence without the use of any herbal or pharmaceutical remedies so far, perhaps just like so many other things if I ignore it long enough it will go away.

I wish I could post this from here, by emailing it somewhere or … something.  With a quick, illicit search I do not see any readily available MT plugins that handle posting via email.  The more I think about how to solve this situation, by creating a solution of my own and/or learning from others’ past attempts, the more my brain seems to activate.  I think I need someone or something to stimulate my mind more fully in the mornings.  Online comics doesn’t seem to do it, and there weren’t any real emails in my inbox when I woke up.  Something.

Something to wake up for, something to wake me up mentally.

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