Feedback in bits and bites +Going Forward

Yay!  She gets it!  This is an affirmation!  My work has been understood, and many of the complicated and subtle things that I was trying to get across came through on the first reading.  Yay!

And hopefully soon I’ll get the other side of the coin, the problems with it, the way things were too complicated, too boring, too unclear, too simplified… whatever.  You know, so I can make it better.

Better and better.

Actually, I haven’t looked at the novel in question in over a year.  Which is either good or bad for trying to work on it again.  What I really want to do is work on UTFBF:Book One.  So since I finally got some momentum back on writing UTFBF:Book Two today, I should be back on track with it soon enough, and then will need help editing it in a couple of weeks.


And then Book Three and Book Four and so on, right?  And then somewhere along the way I find an agent and a publisher and real professional help and then a year or two later the books will begin to appear in book stores!  And then money!  And then maybe I can stop this sill envelope-stuffing day-job!  And work on writing full time!  Yay!

Alternately, I’ll figure out how to sell a higher volume of books via the internet and local stores, and if doing that doesn’t take up so much time I’m not writing anymore, maybe that’ll be a good way of doing it.  And maybe that’ll attract a publisher and yadda yadda, conventional publishing, and then money and then working on writing full time!  Yay!

Okay.  So.  Getting weird here.

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