Working hard, making progress

I’ve been devoting a lot of time to writing this week, working on that novel. The one I meant to have done last month. It’s still available for purchase at the right via BitPass. I’ve just updated it, it’s just over 20k words so far. I’m shooting for 50k for this novel and 50k for the next one, the sequel, or for about 100k words written this month.

Which, yes, is a little insane.

And yes, I’m a little ahead of track to reach that goal.

So that’s good.

According to Flesch-Kincaid analysis of what I’ve got so far, one needs to have at least a year of college education to read this novel. Which corresponds nicely to the fact that on a scale from 0 to 100 of difficulty of reading it, with 0 being a very simple document and 100 being a very complex one, this one falls around 55 so far. Conversely, LaNF requires only around a seventh-grade education to comprehend, but has a reading difficulty level on the same scale of about … 73. So… a wider audience could read it, but it’s more difficult to read? Am I insane?

Also of note, by the same calculations, my Vintage Collection uses words a fifth grader can understand, but scores above 80 for difficulty.

Anyway, I’ve been taking a couple of hours off to watch movies. The Incredibles was pretty good. There was too much to see in one go. I need to try it again, I think. But I also need to see Birth if I can, and perhaps Alfie. Been watching CQ on DVD, actually watching its special features right now as I happily type this on my new iBook. yay for laptops!

I made some good progress on my novel today at the local Starbucks. Around 5k words. Should have done more. 5k isn’t bad, though. And things are moving forward in the story. For reference, my main character, a young boy, had just learned that instead of continuing to attend a mundane school, he is going to be attending a school where he will learn magic and experience a whole new secret world he didn’t know existed. So, if that seems familiar, keep in mind that before any of that was revealed, there was a conception that will inevitably result in a virgin birth, a video-like live feed made possible by thousands of skittering, buffalo-sized beetles, a series of unfortunate events resulting in a coma, and quite a bit of surreal voyeurism and telepathy. Yeah. So. Read it. Or better yet, wait a few weeks and buy it. And its sequel. coming soon from Modern Evil Press.

Suggested for mature readers.

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