One down, one to go

As you can see by the BitPass links to the first draft, I’ve managed to complete my first of two novels this month by the middle of the month, which is just right. The story came together in a way that I personally found satisfying as I wrote it (though how you’ll feel reading it and how I’ll feel editing it may be different), and at just over 50,000 words, which was my initial goal. I haven’t worked out a name for this series of books yet, since these books are the first in an ongoing series, but I have a tentative title for this book, book 1: Two Months, Two Weeks, Two Days and One Hot Night.

Pretty awful, right?

Well, read it and let me know what you think the title of this volume should be.

Tomorrow morning I start work on book 2. I wonder where it will pick up from. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

My plan for the BitPass links is to leave the $5 full access pass there, and include the full text of both novels in it. That’s two first-draft e-books for the price of one. Yay for those of you who put up the $5. Next, I plan to remove the daypass for the first novel and replace it with a progressive daypass for the new one. That way, you can read the new one as it goes along. Also a possibility is a small chunk of each book for a nominal fee, to get you started reading.

Obviously, these are first drafts, hot from my weary mind, so they’re a bit rough around the edges. When I have a more finalized draft of each there shall certainly be easily accessible free excerpts to familiarize you with the direction each book takes. Probably the excerpt from this first one will not be the first few pages which have been described as “Yay, smut!”

And now, for me to sleep.

Seriously, there’s no extra costs and only one extra step to sign up for BitPass with your PayPal account or credit card, and from then onyou never have to sign up again! You want to buy my novel for $5, you pay $5 into your BitPass account, you spend it all on my novel, it’s like paying with a credit card, but its secure (on my end, to keep people from stealing the novel) and later your BitPass account (if you put more money in it) can be used to buy lots of other things that you can’t buy with a credit card.

Am I asleep yet?

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