"Food Journal" OR -how I am not following my diet-

Everyone else seems to be doing the food journaling thing right now, so I thought I’d join in. Hopefully I’ll start feeling more into taking care of myself in the coming days, and get back onto my diet, but the last few days I’ve been bringing some bad choices home with me from the grocery store.

Today started out good. I had 2oz of Kellog’s Raisin Bran with 12oz of Skim Milk.

But I got up late, so breakfast was around noon. By the time I was hungry again I was at a movie theatre to watch A Door in the Floor, so I got a (refill size) diet Pepsi and the free popcorn (thanks Zoe) without butter. I ate about half of the popcorn, which equates to around 40oz.

On the way home from shopping and movie-watching and more shopping, Angela wanted to get some Krispy Kreme donuts. We went in and I ate one glazed (the sample) and ordered half of the dozen she bought. Then we went next door to the In-N-Out burger for real food. I had a #1, which is a double cheeseburger, fries, medium drink. Diet again on the soda (I’m going to need more water tomorrow, I think), but you can imagine how many calories the burger and fries have.

Actually, I’ll look it up… 670 calories for the burger, 400 for thr fries. So, 1070 total. 270 calories for breakfast. Around 200-300 calories in the popcorn. Hard to say. 200 calorie donut. So 1740-1840 calories so far today. Supposed to have 2000-2200, so I guess I’m doing okay. A little too much fat in the burger, too much sugar in the donut, but … not too bad.

And I’m full.

Sigh. Even when I “cheat” I don’t seem to go overboard anymore. I suppose I’ve trained myself pretty well. Probably I’ll have another donut before sleep. Oh, and my fibre supplements. That’s 30 calories.

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