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It’s raining out. It’s beautiful.

And yet it reminds me that because I didn’t find time on Saturday to dig out under the fence (you remember my list of things to do that I didn’t get done, the one that had me cleaning and doing laundry and ironing and dishes and what-not until I passed out after midnight? Somehow digging out from under the fence didn’t make the list), and because I haven’t gone out right when I get home exhausted or after dark after work, I’ll probably have to deal with an unhappy father the next time I see him. He asked me to dig out under part of the fence before the next rain, so that the water could get through and not run into the house. Of course, he told me this Friday afternoon right before he left. I suppose he thought I’d just jump up and do it then.

Alas, I did not. But it’s too late now. I’m already on my way to bed; I’ve got to get up in the morning, a feat I nearly didn’t accomplish this morning… well, okay, I only overslept by an hour, and was only three minutes later than I’d have liked to have been to work (at the latest, that is), but it’s the principle of the sleeping through the alarms that I’m getting at. I’d like to avoid a repeat of that performance tomorrow.

Just doing some looking around online and Certified Pre-Owned VW New Beetles with TDI engines, even the maximum 5 model-years old, are priced within $2k-$5k of brand new VW New Beetles with the improved TDI engines. I blame … satan. Looking at all the happy options I’d love to have if I were throwing away tens of thousands of dollars on a car anyway (assuming I had the choice, buying it new), and then also only looking at CPO New Beetles 2002 and newer (after they changed the engines some and made them more relaiable, according to my research), the price difference range is the same. So.

In the event that I get a big chunk of my debt paid off … and then build up some savings for a down payment … and have steady income from book sales and art sales and whatever … yeah… a car.


I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Really, now.

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