Ham and Cheese sandwich

I should be sleeping right now. I’m not.

On the same token, I should have probably gotten more done today.

But what does “get things done” really mean? And what did I do all day?

See, normally Wednesday would be the end of my work week, and Thursday through Saturday would be my “weekend”. But this week I switched days off with someone at work (something not quite right about her childcare, I suppose, and she needed Thursday off) and had Wednesday off and Thursday on. Thus, home today, work tomorrow.

Mostly what I did today was relax.

Surfing websites and the like until I ran out, then surfing a little more. Enjoying the high-speed of the internet access available here. Watching movie trailers, listening to music previews on iTunes … all pretty nice and relaxing and producing good feelings. Watched a little TV… really, a little. Like, 5 minutes of watching coupled with about 10 minutes of playing with the “Guide+ Plus” feature that my TV has always had but never been able to use… it knows what programs are going to be on, and I don’t even have cable! It just gets the information from the AIR!

Then I read through the entire getting started guide for Second Life (no, not entirely before I logged in and played around the other day) and logged in. And peeked and poked around in Second Life for quite a while. Hours and hours. Building things and window-shopping (I don’t have the in-game currency to actually SHOP – I’ve not committed myself to a proper membership with a land and currency grant quite yet. Though if I like it as much as I seem to so far I’ll probably do that withing a couple of weeks.) and chatting a bit and watching a show-and-tell of objects, and even participating in a building contest despite my low, low skill level at building. Looking at what the other people did in the same time just makes me want to get more used to the interface.

Oh, and a faster/better computer.

I have a computer that’s actually slightly under the CPU requirements for Second Life for Mac OS X. They want a 1Ghz G4, and my 2.5yr old iMac is only an 800Mhz G4. The rest of my system is right around the minimums. I can hardly wait until Heath moves down in a couple of weeks with his computer and I can see what it looks like on there. 2.6Ghz P4, plus a Radeon 9600 XT. Should be beautiful. Heck, should have reasonable frame rates. I’ve averaging something around 3 frames a second. At best. Gotta save up for a replacement computer.

If I could afford the screen to go with it (and settle for not driving any time this decade) I’d go for a PowerMac G5. For under (or right around) $2k I could get whatever the new iMac is going to be this Fall or a nicely configured iBook. For somewhere between $2k and $8k I could configure a very nice PowerMac setup, perhaps with one of their sleek new screens. For $17k (plus interest as I pay it) I could get out of debt entirely. And for between $18k and $22k or so I could get a VW New Beetle TDI, model year 2002 or later.

Now if you people would, through a combination of cash/paypal/bitpass donations and profit from merchandise sales and book sales, just get an extra … $50k into my hands, I could get everything on that list. New laptop, new desktop (all the better for designing new products, art, and websites, and for writing new books with), no debt hanging over my head, plus a sweet new car (all the better to drive all over the country thanking you for your help… well, anyone whose purchases/donations exceed $500, okay?) and a positive demeanor.

Heck, if every person who reads this just gave me $50, I’d be covered. Think about it. Go out to dinner with a date, then to a movie, get popcorn and sodas and candy, then go out for drinks afterward and by the convenience store for condoms on the way home, and you’ve left a lot more than $50 in the dust. Why not just avoid the whole expensive mess, send me $50 (or buy at least as much merchandise & books), rent a video and stay in for a change!

I must be getting tired; I’m babbling about how easy it would be for you to give me money. You guys never give me money. (Except Zoe. He’s been consistantly generous with making purchases and donations over the years.) It’s silly for me to ask, or even type about it.

What was I thinking?

Oh, and I should mention it here: I’ve got the idea of what I think the twist in The Villiage should not be from a “what is right in the universe” standpoint, and I’ve outlined in my head the review I want to write for it already so that when I do go see it Friday I’ll either already know the end of the film or be very pleasantly surprised. (Or, as with Signs, disappointed when my ending was so much more satisfying and worked so much better with the rest of the film than the ending that M. Night Shyamalan put on it.) And then I’ll write a spoiler-filled ‘review’ where I reveal the ending I’ve already got written down, using specific references to scenes and plot points in the movie to prove my point. Now, if I’m right, that’ll work out fine and just seem like I’m re-telling it, giving away the ending. And if I’m wrong, like I was with Signs, I’ll write a review that will put an idea into your head that will change the entire nature of the movie for you as you notice little details supporting my review’s truth until in the final moments it is revealed that I lied to you about the whole thing and you were watching a movie that exists only in the heads of the people who read my review before first watching The Villiage.


I’m going to bed. This has gone on long enough.

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