Friday and From There: Good and Bad

GOOD – I cleaned the front bathroom
GOOD – I got to go see Sarah McLachlan for free, a perk of my new job and my hard work there
GOOD – Did I mention the free concert tickets to see one of my favorite artists?
GOOD – I went to a party after the concert
BAD – I drank too much at the party
BAD – I kept drinking
BAD – I blacked out
BAD – I woke up at home, on the kitchen floor, covered in my own vomit
GOOD – I took off those disgusting clothes and managed to find my bed to collapse into
BAD – I slept literally all day long Saturday; I was supposed to be at work doing overtime
GOOD – I showered and did all my laundry and changed my sheets and cleaned as much of everything I’d come in contact with as I was able
BAD – I was still very nauseous Saturday night and barely kept a light supper down
GOOD – I didn’t actually vomit again last night
BAD – I apparently vomited all over the inside of Angela’s car and slept through her cleaning it by herself
GOOD – I managed to get up in time for work today, to work all day, and come home
BAD – I apparently molested every female in sight while blacked out, then repeatedly fell down, and eventually went into spasms and lost control of my legs altogether; all to the point that my father the alcoholic and my sister were sure I needed to go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning
GOOD – They didn’t take me to the hospital; see, I’m fine now
BAD – I’m apparently so depressed and suicidal and hopeless that I don’t value my own life enough to know when to stop poisoning myself

GOOD – Equal numbers of GOOD and BAD items on this list
BAD – The BAD items are often much more BAD than the GOOD are GOOD

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