Butterfly Flutterby

The opening act for Sarah McLachlan was Butterfly Boucher (boucher, pronounced like voucher – she’s Australian, not French), and I liked her music quite a lot. I didn’t buy her album at the concert (considering bottled water was $10million/litre, I figured the album would be $87billion), but when I went by Zia the other night, they had several copies, and even new it was a very reasonable price, so I picked up a copy.

I really like this album. I reccommend it.

The link above is directly to the album on iTunes, where you can preview and purchase the album directly. Or, go to a local record store; I actually bought a used copy for only $5.99, which is clearly a savings over $0.99/song. I think you’ll like it.

And if you don’t, I guess that’s sortof the point of the whole “preview” thing on the iTMS.

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