Started eDiets again

As you may or may not be aware, a few years back I did the eDiets thing to great success. In a little under six months I lost around 37 pounds. It took me over a year to re-gain the weight after I stopped paying attention to what I was eating (and stopped paying eDiets’ fees). Of course, I’ve carried that weight around again for the last two, two and a half years now, and I’ve been meaning to get it gone and keep it gone. SO.

I signed up for eDiets again this weekend.

My starting weight is 218lbs (23% body fat according to my Tanita scale). My target weight is still 175-178, just like Fuck 50lbs to hell says on the right, there. Theoretically, if I lose weight at the rate they expect me to, I could be at that weight by Christmas. Realistically, if I start doing the Bowflex thing and start building muscle mass too, it’ll be sooner. Just in time for …uhh… swimsuit season? Anyway.

Because I’m a returning user to eDiets, I get a secret, special rate for joining again… basically around $60/year, less than $5/month. Of course, they charged me for the whole year, so I’m out almost $60 for that. But I’ll be able to eDiets through next year’s swimsuit season for no additional charges. Of course, last night Angela took me grocery shopping for the first time, using their shopping list.

I’d updated it a bit to accommodate Angela in my evening meals every day (as long as I’ll be cooking a meal every night), but due to the actual amount of food in containers available for purchase, it wouldn’t have cost me much (or any) less to not do so. Also, since there was very little food in Angela’s house to begin with, there were a lot of things I had to puchase that I won’t have to purchase next week, some items for months, and I ended up having quite a lot of things to buy. And then, by the end of the shopping trip I remembered what eating on the eDiets plan was like before: I bought about three times the volume of food I would otherwise eat, at almost twice the cost, and by eating it all I’ll lose weight. That’s right. Eat more food, lose weight.

Of course, some of that has something to do with what foods you eat.

This morning, for instance, they tried to get me to eat three slices of toast with peanut butter and wheat germ on them, plus two cups of milk and some fruit cocktail. I mixed the peanut butter and wheat germ while I sliced the toast, then spread it on… couldn’t taste the wheat germ, really. Poured myself a big glass of milk (probably only 12oz instead of 16oz – I’m not a big fan of drinking milk)… And I got through only two and a half slices of the peanut-butter-wheat-germ-toast before I was too full to eat another bite. I swallowed down the rest of the milk anyway, and I’ll have the fruit a little later, but MAN this feels like too much food. Maybe I should see if I can switch to a ‘grazing’ plan… though that might be harder to do when I get work. We’ll see.

Lunch today is supposed to be a frozen entree, 2 cups of salad greens with 5 cherry tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of sliced almonds, and 2 tablespoons of lowfat salad dressing, plus another 12oz of milk, 4 squares of graham crackers and another piece of fruit. We’ll see how much of that I can get down before I’m too full to eat.

Last time I did eDiets, due to a combination of too much activity (I was riding my bike as much as 100 miles a week in addition to light general activity) and the fact that I can’t eat so much food as they schedule for me I frequently lost 3lbs a week instead of the maximum-recommended 2lbs a week. They get pretty upset when you do that. Not healthy, I guess. But for me, for instamce for lunch today, I expect I’ll start with the salad while my frozen entree cooks, then eat all of that, and be too full to eat graham crackers and fruit. Fruit I can eat for a snack between meals, but I doubt I’ll be hungry enough for the crackers later, since I’m cooking a nice dinner tonight (fish and rice and salad and fruit – I’m switching Wednesday’s fish dinner to today because the fish I bought is already starting to smell stronger than it should and I don’t want it to turn before I get to it), AND have a scheduled snack for later on.


Anyway, expect to see the weight at right update at least once a week, and to go down. I’m off to brush my teeth and then go out and see about getting work.

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  1. Well, I’m heading to bed now and I wanted to say that I did manage to eat just about everything on my schedule for the day… by spreading it out over the course of the day, eating a little bit at a time.

    Hope tomorrow goes as well.

  2. Well, I’m heading to bed now and I wanted to say that I did manage to eat just about everything on my schedule for the day… by spreading it out over the course of the day, eating a little bit at a time.

    Hope tomorrow goes as well.

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