It has been busy lately

Feeling a bit tired. Lifting heavy objects all day will do that.

Working on a new, third art project for the week tonight. Strange.

So tired. Packing. Moving at the end of the week, to Phoenix.

Can’t take everything. Pick and choose, but everything has to be packed.

Lists of things not to forget. Things I need. Clothes, bed, iMac.

Thinking. Trying to figure out what the time-sensitive styles will be.

Seem to have got a sun burn today while loading steel on the trailer. Silly sun.

Should take a shower. SO dirty. SO tired. Not sure I could make it to clean.

Gotta get up in the morning and start it all again. Gotta get stuff done.

Perhaps the shower shall revive me, allow me to pack and work on art &c.

I’ll go try that. Maybe I’ll let you know how that works out.

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