Got a little done, I suppose.

Well, that worked out okay. Showered, clean now, but for some strange traces of color on my hands (and a couple of beard hairs). You know, what with the actually working on an art project. Looks … okay. I’ll have a better idea tomorrow. Not sure I’m satisfied with the colors. May … paint over it. We’ll see. And I’m confident that if I apply myself I can get the painting I’m in the middle of finished in a reasonably brief period of time to get the art supplies packed and ready to go in an equally reasonable period of time.

Did I mention the move?

When I put together a rough plan/timeline for packing and cleaning and such last night, I thought we’d be leaving Friday. It’s now Thursday. So, do-able, but … not the easiest. We did manage to get all the steel that would fit (and balance) onto the trailer today, and it’ll be hauled to Phoenix Monday or Tuesday and sold for scrap. That was tiring, but good. The place is getting cleaner and cleaner (ie: emptier) all the time. Anyway, more work to be done soon; taking down the old door, widening the hole, and installing the new door are on the plans for this week, it seems. And by “door” and “hole” I’m referring to something … I’d guess 25′ wide and around 20′ tall right now.

Anyway, I’ve got another box or two packed, I’m pretty tired, I’m going to bed. A little more lucid/coherent than earlier. Still sorta worried about the whole “get a job” thing I’m about to start to do, but … I don’t think I’ll lose sleep over it tonight. If you have any suggestions for ideas of jobs with little or no public contact, preferably indoors (heavy lifting being a reasonable job duty) and full time, let me know.

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