True Rambling

More work on art to do tonight. Have been fiddling around trying to get a frame made for “Screw Moo” for a couple of days to no avail. Will … work something out with it tonight. Probably the same-old same-old, paint the edge black, tack a hanger on the back, and put it out for sale anyway. What else can I do?

Also going to be beginning the painting part of the work on the … project I haven’t described here before. The melty one, for the two of you who have seen it. I want to get it out for sale for the Memorial Day Weekend (we’re trying to get quite a bit of things done for the weekend despite the fact that the huge influx of people looking at the stuff on these holiday weekends does not typically correlate to an increase in sales) which means I need to get a lampshade bought for it. Which is more money going out without money coming back in. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve a paint effect on it that I am pleased with. Hopefully someone will see it this weekend and love it so much that they simply can’t live without it and take it home. And the other three lamps I’ve already got done. And the three tables. Because seriously. I needs me the money.

What else?

I suppose I ought to spray-paint the black on the GWB today and bring it up here to dry. Takes about 3-5 days, it seems. How can taggers get any work done with rates like that? Quality work, I mean. I suppose their work is usually in places where it isn’t touched for days, weeks, and more. Oh well. The spray-ness of the paint serves my purposes well.

Of course, once the black is dry I’ll have no choice but to figure out a way to to the stenciling work.

Which I’ve not really begun.

Maybe I ought to do that today, too. As long as I’m doing art projects instead of furniture (ie: money-making) projects all afternoon. Fiddle around in Photoshop making stencils. Or just on paper. Or whatever. But figure it out. Because seriously. I can’t even begin to screw the thing up until the paint is dry, and there’s three colors after the black.


My upper lip is messed up. I blame you.

Am I rambling yet? Let me try harder.

So then the guy who was supposed to be here today to pick up the trusses and what-not for the roof isn’t going to be here today, but will be here tomorrow morning. Perhaps at the same time as the county inspectors, which could be an amusing complication. And standing around waiting to get thousands of pounds of steel dropped on me will certainly pass the time tomorrow. Wheee!

And one of the tables we’ve been working on is almost entirely done (legs on, now it just needs some touch-up work and waxing), and DAMN if it isn’t ugly. To me, anyway. I guess I still don’t like this whole “rustic” furniture thing. Then again, I’m not the one buying it. I’m just the one making it. And I’ve seen this style of stuff in people’s homes … of course, when I did I always thought it was ugly… Oh well.

I’ll be sure to try to get some photographs of the tables taken … before the weekend … since they’re TOTALLY going to sell this weekend. Yep. Totally.

I’m thinking I may have to put the three new lamps (two by me, one based on my design but crafted by Heath) in the store without lampshades… at least until something sells. You know. Because lamp shades cost money. Money which I do not have. Because my lamps haven’t sold yet. Damnit.

Anyway, I’m still downloading OS updates. I blame the ISP up here, what with the frequent random disconnections, the slow bitrate, and the devil. Wait. I always blame the devil – it doesn’t have anything to do with the ISP that I blame the devil. Of course, it’s all in jest – the devil didn’t have anything to do with it – only the ISP.

Would you believe that the bulk of the four hours I spent yesterday “working” on furniture was basically just cleaning up after the foaming expanding glue that dad decided to use to glue the legs into the table? And that it kept foaming for hours after I left and that’s why the table needs to be touched up? How about this: Would you believe that my father wouldn’t give up on this particular glue until it had damaged one of HIS pieces? See, he’d bought it before and it had foamed up and caused havoc with all three of my lamps, irrevocably staining the wood in one place (that most people won’t notice, we hope, since it’s “rustic” furniture) and being disturbingly ugly in others. But that wasn’t enough to stop him from using the glue. So he used it on these table legs. And it did exactly the same thing, but since it hurt one of HIS pieces, now he’ll never use it again.

Anyway, I’mm off to unload some wood. Wheee!

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