Word Count Problem

Okay, Iain just posted that he’s already over 15k words. That puts him on track for 30k for the month or better. Now, a couple of days ago I was on track for 30k for the month, but the last couple of days have no long posts created. I can’t really check it right now… well … maybe I can. Hang on

It looks like 13,884 words before this post. And I doubt this post will add more than a couple hundred words. Which puts me at only 14k, only a thousand or so words behind Iain at the moment. About a day’s worth of posts.

Which is reasonable, considering there was that one day I didn’t post. 135.1, why have you forsaken me?

Anyway, I’d better get on track. This whole “secret word cound” ruse only works so long as I actually come out ahead of Iain. And he’s threatening actually ramping up his posting speed and reaching that mystical 50k words this month. I don’t know if he’ll do it, but it’s a possibility I’ve got to watch out for. Of course, spending the last two nights transcribing poetry and short stories probably didn’t help. Heck, I was up until almost six this morning transcribing the last Man With The Coat story and then making a brief post. Like I said then, though, just a few more stories and I’ll have finished the “Vintage” collection.

Anyway, I’m hungry. I’m going to go get the mail and some breakfast and then … I don’t know what. Maybe work or some such. Lots to do.

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