Netflix updates, 141.1

Just a quick update, two movies were ‘received’ today:

2. Lost In La Mancha : S124.1, I131.1, O132.1, R141.1
3. The Meaning of Life : : S124.1, I131.1, O132.1, R141.1

Which means it took me two days to receive each of these titles after they were sent, and it took Netflix four days to receive them after I returned them.

One replacement is slated to be shipped today, another is slated for tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll receive Movie#1 tomorrow too, and get another film queued up for shipment. I’ll add an update to this post as soon as I get the “movie has shipped” emails for the replacements for these two.

UPDATE: I have received the email.

4. Northfork : S141.1

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