That is it. That is all of it.

No more. No more old, bad poetry anymore, anyway. I’ve got all the “Vintage” poetry transcribed and online now. I’ve just finished transcribing and uploading the last of the Man With The Coat stories, though I don’t think I’ll post it until tomorrow. I’ve got to BitPass register it and the entire Man With the Coat collection and … I think I’m going to give away “May I take Your Order, Please?” to entice readers.

Forty-five poems. Took me two nights to get it all done. Well, all of tonight, plus all the productive time I found myself with last night. I’m so tired. I hope someone reads … at least some of them.

Anyway. Got up “late” today, around 2. Hauled the brush to the brush pit with dad and unloaded it. Worked on some parts for a ‘practice’ small table before moving on to the full-size coffee table. It seemed to work pretty well, I thought. The next one ought to be quite a bit more complicated, but basically just an expansion on the same general ideas. I put the first layer of … well, I got started on the ‘fun’ lamp I’m working on, anyway. I should go put another layer on it. Whaddya say?

You think I should wait until morning?

You think I should get up in the morning? The morning?!?


It’s morning now, and I haven’t gone to sleep yet. What makes you think I’ll be getting up any time soon? Getting up soon is for my father, maybe my grandfather, depending on how he’s feeling. For me, nights.

I’ve got half a dozen more short stories to transcribe, and I’ll be through with the “Vintage” collection. Well, sort of. I want to do some re-writing on some of it, polishing on other bits, some new writing as well, and then put together an anthology and publish it via CafePress. Before the end of Focus On: Writing, definitely. How soon within that depends on what other projects steal my time and money. For instance, I’m thinking of heading down to the valley on Wednesday, staying the night and coming home Thursday with my brother.

I didn’t finish cleaning tonight, didn’t finish vacuuming. Perhaps I’ll … Perhaps I’ll get up in the morning, clean, do another layer, perhaps eat and do some sanding, get the mail, take a nap, and then address the day. Address things like glueing the parts for the top of that small table together. Or maybe I should do that before my nap. We’ll see how things go. Four or five hours sleep now, three to five hours later, plenty of daylight hours for the work that needs to be done around here in the day, plenty of wakefulness to do the things I seem to do better at night.

I think I’m almost warmed up enough that I could write something original soon-ish. It’s almost clean enough, too.

Something about a clean, quiet room really enhances my ability to get started writing. A tidy writing surface, a just-vacuumed floor, no visible clutter, it just feels good. And then without thoughts of “things to do” popping up from my visual range, my mind seems more free. Not having a pending “To Do” list helps, too.

But … but if I don’t have a pending “To Do” list in the morning, one I’m already aware of, I have a heck of a time getting out of bed at any specific time. When I worked and the “To Do” list consisted of “Get Dressed, Eat, Go to Work, Come Home, Eat, Get Naked” it was no trouble to get up (relatively), because one of those was time-sensitive and flagged as “Very, very important” to do. Nowadays… It’s a little harder.

Shit. I just remembered I have to get the entire contents of the store boxed up and out of the store and … somewhere … before Friday. And since I’m supposed to be in Phoenix on Thursday to get Heath, I really need to get it done before the end of Wednesday. And when I wake up, it’ll be Monday. I’m adding a whole new page of “To Do” list to my new spiral-bound pocket notebook. Empty the store: move the wood up out of the wheelbarrows and out of the way, find boxes to pack up the stuff in the store into and fill them and stack them on pallettes to be moved upstairs, disassemble the shelves that the stuff sat on, find a place for them, clean up the store. Oh, and find some way to clean dad’s crap off the table that’s supposed to be my work area in the warehouse, because I’ll have to start working there as soon as we can’t work in the store anymore. (Next week, anyone?)

Okay, this is taking too long. I need some sleep. I have things that need to get done. I meant to take a shower last night. Then again tonight. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day. We’ll see.

Right now, sleep. I’ll try posting again later.

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