If I dont go to bed soon…

You know, if I don’t get into bed soon I’ll be up when Heath awakens for the day. Somehow, I feel I should try to at least go to bed before other people around here start getting up for the next one. But I had a few more comments to make:

First, ‘tardo’ is an excellent word for “president” Bush.

Next, I also watched Session 9 tonight. Here’s the thing I found out about it when doing a quick search of the web though: the best part of it is apparently the ending. A lot of long, slow buildup that doesn’t exactly pay off the way many people wanted it to, but whether you liked the rest of it, apparently the last few minutes are the only worthwhile or interesting part of the whole thing. Oh, and apparently it doesn’t bear repeat viewings, since the clues don’t add up.

So onto my story about watching it: I got it from Netflix, so a lot of people had viewed it before me, and it looked like someone had improperly attempted to clean it. But I put it in and it played anyway so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem. And I watched half an hour of it, paused it, watched The Daily Show, turned it back on, kept watching and watching and … and at the exact second that it switched from chapter 9 to chapter 10, at the exact second that the action was finally looking like it might qualify as action, the DVD stops playing. Just stops.

I try fast forwarding, skipping a chapter, nothing. I try putting it into my iMac and selecting chapter 10, and it nearly locks up the computer. Protected memory saves the day again! I tried having some of my software just try to make a copy of chapters 10 and 11, since the menu told me 12 was credits. It starts, it gets a little ways, and it’s fighting for it. It’s reading and re-reading the disc and making slow progress, and then at a little over a third of the way through the 14 minutes I haven’t seen, it crashes too. Bad data, I guess. I try putting it into the XBox instead of the APEX and iMac DVD players, my last chance, I put it to chapter 10, and … nothing. Again with the blank screen. I let it sit while I try to find an explanation of the ending online. Eventually, after I’d listened to the XBox fight with it for fifteen minutes, making snippets of sound once in a while from the movie, the credits start to roll. Chapter 12 works fine, apparently.

And I can’t find a description of the end of Session 9 online because it is, apparently, the only good part of the movie and a twist and they don’t want to give it away. anywhere (Okay, okay, I didn’t look too hard, just a simple Google search.) But someone DID mention that the alternate ending on the disc is just an extended version of the ending…

the DVD is still in the XBox, but now it’s repeating the credits over and over… so I reboot the XBox and select the alternate ending… and it plays! And I’ll post it here, because really there’s no reason to watch the film anyway: Gordon (I think that’s his name, the head of the asbestos cleanup crew) has gone crazy and kills everyone. One way to read it is that the same “demon” or whatever that possessed Mary Hobbes after her injury possessed him after he had boiling water spilled on his lap. He killed his wife and dog and newborn and then tried to do the asbestos job anyway, but was apparently still possessed and kills his entire crew, too. Yes, you can hear the “demon” (or whatever) voice talking to him throughout the movie. Woo hoo. Oh, and the difference in the alternate ending is that the squatter who was living in the attic of the asylum ends up killing Gordon in the end, after everyone else is dead. But since they cut her out of the rest of the film, they had to cut her out of the climax, too.

So, there you go. The ending to Session 9. Enjoy.

I didn’t. It was a lot of time wasted (this time just trying to watch the darned ending) for very little entertainment. Not as wasted as my time watching Donnie Darko, a movie which cancels itself out, but … Session 9 shouldn’t have taken so long to watch.

Was there anything else? Something I’m forgetting? Oh yes, I did manage to get off finally, tonight. That was okay. Better than not being able to or interested in it… though I expect my interest is more in being generally “healthy” than in sexuality itself.

Oh, and no, obviously, the going to sleep earlier didn’t work out. I’m still up. But I’m going to try to start snoring before Heath wakes up in twenty minutes. Here I go.

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