A catch-22

It’s like a catch-22. I can’t seem to get myself to get started writing while Heath is still awake, but I can’t type after he’s gone to bed, either. It would wake him.

I tried watching 21 Grams tonight, but … I just… After about 20 minutes I determined that it requires total attention to be followed. It’s clearly non-linear. Which is fine, but … I had a headache that I’ve had most of the day, and is only now beginning to dissolve. Between the non-aspirin and the decongenstant, the pressure and pain is going away. And I couldn’t concentrate on it. I kept … looking at web pages and playing with CDs, and … whatever… but I wasn’t giving the movie my full attention. I’ll try again later, maybe. I want to give it a fair shot.

I’m not sure I have much I want to write about here, right now. Maybe later. I think I’m going to try working on some fiction. On paper. By hand. Sigh.

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