Hiding a little this morning

This is my “I got out of bed twenty minutes ago but I’m not ready to face the day, get dressed, or even just turn on the lights, so here I am” post.

This is also my “I can’t believe it’s already 153” post. Where did the month go? Only a few days left, what did I get done? Have I fallen behind by not completing anything since those lamps, or is everything queueing up and I’ll have several things done … soon? I think it’s a cross between those two. I’m not exactly “almost done” with anything more than the floor lamp I did most of the work on before I began the table lamps. But I do have the floor lamp, a side table, a coffee table, and … something experimental … in process. Floor lamp needs to be lacquered and have its hardware installed, so it really is “almost done”. The side table’s top is constructed and its legs selected, but … I still need to peel the legs, sand them, cut them for length, attach them to the top, level them, and then put a dozen coats of varnish on the whole thing. The coffee table … I’ve selected most of the wood for the top, I’ve finished sanding two of the legs and started on a third, but I don’t know where I’ll find the fourth – I haven’t got a lot of good wood in the right size/length. Anyway, for the coffee table I’ve got to find the remaining wood for and assemble the top, find the remaining leg and sand it, cut all the legs to length, attach them to the assembled top, level them, and put a dozen coats of varnish on the entire thing. And with my special project I have to … figure something out. Buy a whole new product or something, because the one I started with isn’t doing the job effectively.

I guess that’s somewhat a ‘to do’ list, there. But it does give an idea that I’ve got some things in progress but not exactly “almost done”. That is, I’m not working as fast as I’d like yet, but I haven’t completely stopped or forgotten that the work needs to get done, either. A lot of other projects have been coming up (and will continue to come up) lately. Like … we have to dig out/pour concrete for a handicapped parking space, build a ramp and boardwalk to/around several of the stores, and … as long as we’re doing concrete pour a concrete floor where one isn’t, for the small log cabin… all before the end of the month. Plus we have to disassemble a small mobile home before the middle of next month, when the dump will be having a “free dump day” or two. And last week we had to empty the shop of a ridiculous amount of junk, plus shelves and everything else, so Jim and Nancy could get started and move in, and then we spent all day yesterday moving things around in a part of the warehouse that grandfather will be using to try to sell some of the remaining junk so that we could fit all the stuff into it. Except that didn’t get 100% done, so I’m sure I’ll be doing more of that this week.

And then, somewhere in there, I have to find the time to work on furniture, too. I’d sure like to get both tables at least assembled before next weekend. You know, so I can get started on the ridiculously long process that varnishing them will undoubtedly be. And then, as soon as I get these pieces done, I need to go through all the wood and sort it, somehow, into “firewood” and “potentially use-able wood”. And it’s a lot of wood, and most of it’s … well, pretty crappy. Anyway, I have to do that between finishing the current projects and starting any new ones. Not just because the wood is in “the way” of some of grandfather’s store, but also because it’ll make finding pieces of wood for new projects a heck of a lot easier.

Thinking about doing a bigger table next. Dad wants me to do a bed, but … I’ve never really wanted to do a bed. I was thinking about doing some chairs, but they’re a lot of work for not a lot of money, and then … well, then I tried to find some “small” legs for my side table and had a heck of a time. I just don’t have the appropriate wood for small projects like chairs and side tables. I have to do bigger stuff. Big lamps, tables, Maybe … something else. Haven’t figured it all out yet. Something.

Or maybe just lamps and tables forever.

I’ll figure something out.

It’s finally getting warm enough that I could maybe work downstairs in the warehouse in the middle of the night. That’ll be good, since I’ve been up until 3… or 5… or 6… or 7AM on most nights lately. But I think I posted about that. Something about not being able to work very long around my father without a lot of trouble/stress. I’ll almost undoubtedly post about it again. Soon.

Okay. An hour sitting here rambling (and chatting with Iain about a website he’s been working on), ninety minutes since I got up (or so), I think I’ll go get dressed. Face the world. Have some breakfast/lunch.

And get to work.

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