A little furniture problem

That doesn’t feel good.

Due to a combination of factors, some of them related to my father, and some of them related to my own not over-compensating for my father’s not being careful or helpful enough, one of the pair of table lamps I have been working on for a month or more just fell from about 5 feet to the floor and the base broke in two. When I was designing the lamp I didn’t do it with dropping it onto a hard floor in mind.

Seriously, next time I’m doing something more sturdy, with less electrical work, like a table. I’ve got some sketches together for a nice little side table, the most difficult part of which should be the drawer I want to put in it.

But seriously; how hard can a drawer be?

SO… I’m taking a little break right now, eating the last of my chocolate ice cream, trying to relax. Filling out endless, slow questions at okcupid.com… Listening to my ‘beautiful’ playlist in iTunes… realizing there may be a few too many love-related songs in that list… anyway.

How’s things with you?

Yeah? I’m, a little stressed.

I mean, last night when I was drilling all manner of holes in the body of my floor lamp, trying to make an inconspicuous series of links for the electrical cord to follow from the base to the top, and I kept missing the angle by a little and created half a dozen big holes right in the side/face of the wood instead of in the pre-existing knots and other features that would hide them well, I didn’t get too stressed out. I knew (from experience on the table lamps) that I could work with my mistakes and create something that normal people wouldn’t consider a flaw. It’s natural form, it’s rustic, it’s not supposed to be perfect.

But broken in half?

Broken in half isn’t rustic, it’s … well, it’s broken.

My dad thinks he can glue it back together and no one will be able to tell the difference. If so, great. I just need to calm down before I deal with anything right now. I know for a fact than when I’m stressed out like this or upset or the like, I am more likely to make mistakes. Like I lose what little fine motor control I have when I’m upset. You might not believe how many silly typos I’ve been making as I type this. But now I’m trying to decide; do I turn on the Journey to Wild Divine (my biofeedback software, which has relaxation ‘challenges’), or do I go work out?

Quick, respond. I’ll probably be online for another little bit, and your feedback is appreciated.

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