Thinking sleepy thoughts

I’m supposed to go to sleep now. I’m going to try. Last night I did not sleep. Today I slept from about 8AM to about Noon. Since every other day for the last many many weeks I have enjoyed over 10 hours of sleep or so, I am hoping that the 4 was not enough and that I will be able to sleep now. Yes. Sleep now. And then, theoretically, be awake during the day tomorrow.


Oh, and then tomorrow afternoon Heath and I will be heading down to Phoenix for the weekend. See a movie or two, buy some electronic components, maybe some kool-aid. You know. Big City stuff.

Well, big city stuff that we could, theoretically, also do as locally as Payson. You know, if we were ever in Payson.

Except hey, all our friends live in GMPhoenix. So hopefully there will be some friends-visiting, too.

If you’re my friend (or would like to be) (or hey, if you just dig my blog, live in the Phoenix area, and really want to give me a blowjob), maybe we can see each other this weekend. Or whatever.

Anyway, I’ve been reading Questionable Content (A web comic) all day … so long, in fact, I have no idea where I originally saw the link. So, err… it’s good. You should check it out. (Make special note of this comic, especially the zombie monkeys and the second panel. Whereas I cannot claim to be as clever as the guys described in the rest of it, part of the whole giant beard thing is in that quote, “I am so totally single right now it doesn’t even matter that I have this … facial hair.”)


Oh, and I got photos of Betty and Amber online tonight. They’re paintings, by the way. Not, you know, scantily clad ladies. Paintings. Relatively abstract, at that.

The last two completed for 2003, in fact. Perhaps the last two for a while, since I’m theoretically trying to focus on writing right now. Though admittedly aside from these posts I’ve written all of … oh, around 2500 words … in two separate and eachquite disjointed story fragments. Sigh. And I’ve done just about Zero work on LaNF. But luckily (or not, depending upon how you look at it) a whopping Zero people have paid for even one of the four audio segments of LaNF available online right now. Which means I don’t REALLY have to record the rest of it, now do I? Well… I’ll give it to the end of the month. But come Superbowl time, I’m taking the links down and deleting the files from my hard drive and abandoning the audio version. So there.

I am now going to try to post this before it turns into tomorrow. And go to bed before … well, too long. I want to sleep. At night for a change.


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